What do you do when your gift doesn’t arrive?

Have you ever thought of the perfect gift for someone at Christmas? If so, you probably ordered it in plenty of time to arrive for Christmas Day and waited anxiously for the gift to arrive so you could wrap it up and place it under the tree. Have you ever placed an order for that perfect gift, but felt the disappointment of it not arriving on time? We all know the feeling of waiting patiently for the mail truck to go by on Christmas eve only to find a few last minute sale flyers, Christmas cards from family and …no gift; therefore suffering the feeling of defeat of the perfect gift not arriving.

The most difficult aspect of a gift not arriving on time is the silence that surrounds the circumstance. An odd helpless feeling overcomes you when you call the store only to find that they are “closed for the holiday”, or try to track the package with no answer.

This Christmas, the only gift Kat and I wanted was: our son. 
As we decorated our Christmas tree, placed candles in the windows, and lit the fire in the wood stove, we couldn’t believe that another Christmas was about to go by without our son. It was November 2010 that we started the process to adopt an infant boy from Ethiopia, Africa, and last Christmas, all we could think about was how special our 2011 Christmas was going to be with our son. In fact, many of the gifts we received last year were “baby gifts” (including an infant Baltimore Raven’s Football Jersey) in preparation of our baby boy.
In April 2011, we submitted all of our paperwork to Ethiopia to finalize the adoption. Everything that we could possibly do on our end was complete, including winning a battle with health & life insurance companies that denied us coverage because “we were pregnant”(interesting, huh? We thought so too…). God provided everything we needed at exactly the time that we needed it and we began to wait expectantly for the phone call of who our son would be.
But, that phone call never came.
Now, before you read any further, let me assure you that this is not a “have pity on our family” blog where we upchuck our feelings online in attempt to help us feel better. We promised not to do that when we started this adoption, no matter how long the wait would be simply because we serve a faithful God. So… go ahead and keep reading….
Today is December 23rd, 2011, the day that our adoption agency closes for the celebration of Christmas.
More silence.
We began to ask God, “Why now? Why will we have another Christmas go by without a member of our family? Why such a delay? Why cause silence when we need to hear from you more then ever?”

So, what do you do when that perfect gift doesn’t arrive according to your timeline?
Imagine if a mother and father ordered a special gift for their children for Christmas, but when it didn’t arrive in time, the children locked themselves in their bedroom and vowed to not come out until the gift arrived. This is obviously crazy, but the children would miss out on Christmas morning, the laughter, the family meal, the other gifts under the tree and the joys of being together with the gift givers.
You see, sometimes, the gift we are so anxiously awaiting is not necessarily the ultimate thing worth celebrating. Maybe, the gift is the “gift-giver”. 
In our situation, our son in Ethiopia is a pure gift from God, but ultimately, the One that deserves all the praise, glory, honor and celebration this Christmas is The Gift-Giver. (God) 
God gave us the perfect gift already…His son, Jesus. Emmanuel. “God with us.”

We could lock ourselves away (physically, emotionally and spiritually) until our gift comes, or, we could love the Gift-Giver and the ones He tells us to love with our lives (the poor) during the waiting period. Therefore, while we wait for our special gift to arrive, we will confidently approach the throne of the Great Gift-Giver and sit at His feet as we wait for our son.
Silent night, Holy night
Son of God, Love’s pure light
Radiant beams from Thy holy face
With the dawn of redeeming grace
Jesus, Lord at Thy birth
Jesus, Lord at Thy birth

Praying for a miracle (still),
   Jeremy & Kat Willet

One thought on “What do you do when your gift doesn’t arrive?

  1. Yes, I totally get this. I think God keeps realizing that I don’t have very much patience so He keeps trying to teach me the lesson over and over again. It is so hard to wait.

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