Celebrating Belong Day & Announcement

Today we celebrate a year since meeting our son for the first time. Exactly one year ago today, Jeremy and I woke up in Ghana with no electricity and little running water as we prepared to walk three miles down a dirt road. We were so overwhelmed with everything around us that it truly didn’t hit us that we were meeting our son until we saw him laying in a basket asleep. There he was, the child we prayed for for so many years, the child God predestined for us to receive into our family. The adoption journey for Evans started as a miracle and ended as one as well. God’s hand was so evident in every step of getting home with Evans. Today we are overjoyed to have been united as a family for one year since our BELONG DAY.

There is also another reason we are overjoyed and would like to share that with you all. You see, God started us off on this adoption journey 3.5 years ago starting in Ethiopia awaiting a baby boy and He changed that to a baby boy from Ghana. When we started adopting Evans, we had to be placed on “hold” with Ethiopia. This meant we couldn’t accept a referral for a child from Ethiopia until the attachment process was secure with Evans. In November we had our post placement visit with our social worker just checking in and seeing how Evans is attaching to us. Anyone who has seen us since being home knows that attachment is not an issue:). Praise God! Well – around this same time, both Jeremy & I felt that we should open up our adoption case to a boy OR a girl with special needs, age 0-18 months from Ethiopia. Our social worker also asked when we would like to be taken off of the “hold” for Ethiopia. Jeremy and I took some time to pray about this and we called a few days later letting our agency know we feel good about going back into the Ethiopia program. Well, we have the overwhelming joy and excitement to tell you all that just last week we received our referral for a baby girl in Ethiopia!!

If you are shocked about this… no worries we were too. Jeremy, Evans and I are in Florida for missionary training and we received the call during lunch on our first day here. The three of us sat in our friend’s office while our social worker told us all about our little girl and then she hung up the phone and we received her photos. She is so beautiful and we just can’t express enough how blessed we feel. Now we are starting the process of paperwork submissions and awaiting a court date hopefully by the spring of this year. Join us in rejoicing over this news as Jesus continues to complete something He started through His faithful servants. Also, please join us in prayer as we get documents notarized, certified and sent to Ethiopia for us and for our daughters paperwork to come speedily and accurate as well as us receiving a court date soon so we can be united with our daughter.

We praise God our Father for adopting us into His eternal family and we rejoice in Him allowing us a taste of what He has done for us!

Thank you for your prayers for our growing family.

In Christ,

Jeremy, Kat & Evans Willet

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