Adoption Update

We realized it had been a long time since posting on our adoption blog so we wanted to share a few updates of our wonderful children:

~Evans was able to attend his first Key West Bike Ride as he rode in the support van and provided lots of entertainment to the riders and support staff. We believe he is in love with Florida, or maybe just the warm weather.

~Evans has started helping momma with the family garden. He is currently growing grass in his safari animals.

-Evans attended his 1st orioles game with momma and poppa and stayed up the whole game!


~We praise God as on April 25th we have Evans naturalization court date! This means he has been approved for “re-adoption” in the U.S. and will become eligible for U.S. citizenship and we can now get his U.S. passport so he can continue his world travel. ☺

~Our update with our daughter in Ethiopia is also full of good news. We have submitted all of our paperwork and have received an officer for our case. We received a letter stating they need to do more investigating for her case, so now we will await that paperwork.

Please pray with us that everything comes back together quickly so we can continue moving towards meeting our precious baby girl.

God continues to bless us and show himself to us through the process of adoption. We have about $8,000 left to raise for our Ethiopia adoption. If The Lord leads you to give, you can give here

Thanks for your prayers!

Jeremy & Kat Willet

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