Critical Signature needed in Ethiopia Monday!

On February 14th, we shared the joyful news that we accepted a referral for an infant girl from Ethiopia, Africa after 3.5 years of waiting! This news came after being home with our son, Evans, from Ghana for only 4 months! For the past 6 months, we have been working through the paperwork process and raising the necessary funds for the adoption. Below is a very important update about our adoption:


Through Jesus’ perfect provision, God has provided all the funds we need to complete our Ethiopia adoption through the generosity of friends, family, and 2 amazing grants. One grant was from our friends at The Orphan Care Project that did a $3,000 matching grant & also an event fundraiser! The other was through a very surprising grant through Show Hope in partnership with The Tim Tebow Foundation!


It sounds a bit crazy to say this, but for the past 2 months we have been waiting for 2 signatures that would give us our approval to travel for our court date. Just last week, the staff in Ethiopia acquired the one signature. Now, we need one more, but, this is where we need everyone to intercede on behalf of our daughter. Every year, Ethiopia closes the courts for approximately 2 months because of rainy season. This year’s closure is on SUNDAY, AUGUST 10TH (one week from today)! It is critical that we receive the final signature on Monday which would allow us to travel to Ethiopia on TUESDAY so that we can complete our court date before the closure. Without this signature, another 2 months will go by separated from our daughter.


We send this request out believing in faith that Jesus will hear our prayers. In fact, right now we are packing our bags as a symbol to God that we are prepared and waiting expectantly. We saw God do huge miracles with our adoption of Evans from Ghana, and we are hopeful He will do the same in Ethiopia tomorrow.

On behalf of our daughter,

Jeremy & Kat Willet


4 thoughts on “Critical Signature needed in Ethiopia Monday!

  1. Praying you receive the phone call your waiting for…. Praying for the signatures, your daughter, her care takers, all of you and your safe travel…

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