ALL GLORY TO JESUS!!! OUR DOCUMENT WAS JUST SIGNED!!!!! They are working to get our court date appointment for the end of the week, so we’ll know an absolute definite tomorrow morning and then we will fly out tomorrow night to Ethiopia. Keep praying, but this was a HUGE step forward! Now, we have to go buy diapers…

Here’s how you can pray in Jesus’ name through the night for our adoption:

* Pray for MOWCYA recommendation letter to be issued
* Pray that judge will issue us a court date for Thursday
* Pray that there will be sufficient time for a court decree to be issued before court closures on 8/10
• Pray we are cleared for travel tomorrow morning for a flight tomorrow night to Ethiopia

Jeremy & Kat


  1. PRAISE to our God full of GRACE and LOVE for granting this answer to our prayers and blessing us with another Willet! Praying things continue along smoothly and you will soon have your precious daughter home.

  2. Truly a blessing from our Lord! I will print out the prayer list and keep it with me. Follow Jesus with a sense of urgency – like going getting the diapers, wipes, and all those necessities to make your daughter feel so special! 🙂 Can’t wait to meet her!!!! God speed my friends!

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