Ethiopia Adoption Update, Two Little Fish, Passport & Empowered to Connect Conference

It has been a little over a month that we discovered we would not be seeing our daughter in Ethiopia, until the earliest, October. We have been keeping very busy however, as Evans and I joined Willet on their MidWest tour and enjoyed every minute of it. Throughout this month our agency has been sending us weekly updates on our case. We are still in need of our MOWCYA Letter before we can have our court date issued. On October 6th the Ethiopian courts will reopen and at that time will be booking court dates for 2-3 weeks out. MOWCYA takes a break writing letters while courts are closed however, our agency is continually checking in with MOWCYA to see if they will write our letter. We are in prayer that before courts open MOWCYA will respond and have a positive letter written for our case so we can go right into a court date in October. Please join us in this prayer.

Our daughter’s room is completely ready! We painted a mural on her wall after Jeremy’s Dad painted the room for us. We dressed her bed with fabric from an organization that we absolutely adore! While in Ghana with Evans, we found a great fair-trade store called Global Momma’s. We then found an organization, Two Little Fish, in the U.S. that purchases their fabric from Global Momma’s in Ghana and makes bedding for children here in the U.S. Their slogan is Putting Poverty To Bed and “For each bedding set sold, you purchase a mattress for an AIDS/HIV orphan in South Africa.”  We received a bedding set for Evans from them and they just sent us two beautiful sheets for our daughter’s room which are shown below. We would love for you to check out their site here. It’s great to find a company like Two Little Fish using their gifts for such a bigger cause.
Tomorrow, we are headed to Washington D.C. for the Empowered to Connect Conference with Show Hope. We are excited for many of the staff to meet our son, Evans, as Show Hope was extremely influential in helping us get our son home from Ghana through a grant, and also partnered with the Tim Tebow Foundation to offer us a grant for our Ethiopia adoption!
Finally, Evans received his U.S. passport, so he is cleared to travel with us! We are hopeful to be traveling to Ethiopia in October to meet our daughter for the 1st time! Thank you for your prayers!
Jeremy, Kat & Evans Willet

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