Ethiopia Re-Opens and Prayer Requests

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On October 6th, one week from today, the courts will re-open and we are praying for powerful movement. It is hard to believe it has been about two months since we last packed our bags in faith and awaited news to travel. Jeremy and I were heartbroken when we had to unpack our bags and begin the wait again. So here we go again…

Ethiopia has stated they will write and issue our MOWCYA letter before October 6th, which means that would have to happen this week. We can’t go to court without this letter. Please join us in prayer that our MOWCYA letter will be issued and written before the close of office on Friday.

We know that the courts will not issue dates until later in October. Please join us in prayer that we will travel in October to meet our baby girl. It has been such along wait and we are very much ready to hold our baby girl and be a family of four.

We have received so much encouragement through this adoption and we know our family has been lifted up in prayer during this time as well. We ask again for everyone to please join us in praying for these two needs.

We will keep everyone posted as we hear anything.

Kat Willet

4 thoughts on “Ethiopia Re-Opens and Prayer Requests

  1. God asks us to wait~while doing so we are honored to have Him to turn to every step! Praying for peace in your hearts!

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