Orphan Sunday 2014


Orphan Sunday.

A day to pray for those who go to bed alone. A day to advocate on behalf of those with no voice. A day to remember our adoption as sons and daughters of God (Ephesians 1:5).

A day for our family to reflect on our son’s adoption from Ghana and to pray for our daughter to join our family soon from Ethiopia.

We entered this journey in 2010 expecting to be parents of a baby boy from Ethiopia by Christmas of the same year. We had no idea the obstacles and miracles God had in store for our family. Three years later we became parents to a baby boy from Ghana, Africa. And four years later we are now waiting for our baby daughter to join our family from Ethiopia.

If we would have known it all would have turned out this way, would we have started? If we would have known the heartbreak and distance felt, would we have started? If we could have seen the tears shed and hope/faith that wavered, would we have begun this process?



We began adopting for two reasons:
1.) We have always felt a strong call to live out James 1:27 as a response to what Jesus has done for us.
2.) We couldn’t physically conceive children without experimenting with medication.

The other day, with tears being shed for our daughter, I laid our son down for bed. I was so angry at God for the unanswered prayers I had begged Him for, and accused Him of not caring about how this wait for our daughter was ripping my heart in two. However, when I looked at my son, I felt a mend happening. You see, even through the heartache, the hope and faith tested, I would never have asked for anything different because I would not have this miracle to tuck in every night. Our son is the most crazy, beautiful gift God has given us.

God did the same thing for us. His heart broke and he had to turn away rather then see what was being done to his son on the cross during the adoption process of us. His pain and sacrifice was so much more then ours could ever be, and he did it to adopt us.

Adoption is not easy, it’s not a pretty process at times, but in the end, it’s the most beautiful and glorious picture anyone could ask for. I believe that’s because we are seeing and being a part of something God did for us.

This Orphan Sunday, we will be sharing our adoption story at Grace Fellowship Chapel in Westminster, MD, and Jeremy will be inviting our church family to participate in orphan care by sponsoring a child through Food for the Hungry.

This orphan Sunday may we pray, advocate and believe in these children God wants to become a part of a family, but may we also rest assured knowing the family we have been adopted into… God’s forever family!

Kat Willet

One thought on “Orphan Sunday 2014

  1. praise be to God.B eing impressed by your vision and as iam in the same vision in uganda iam inquiring to know how our church can get involved to access your grant fundin g fo r our orphans in our new found project.our request is to become you rsponsored partners in u aganda. Thanks as you consider us as your orphan s odvocate in uganda. your s pastor B ahandagana project D iretcor

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