Ethiopia Adoption Update: Staying in the fight

Unfortunately, today we received more bad news from Ethiopia. The judge did open our letter, but our letter was NEGATIVE. In fact, ALL letters for all adopting families were negative. This is due to a recent change in the way they process adoptions and our agency is petitioning their decision because under U.S. Law and Ethiopia Law, this decision is illegal.

As you can imagine, this will only create additional delays, of which we are very discouraged by. Therefore, we are going to let go of any expectations we have of travel and are going to focus on making the upcoming holidays special for Evans, and trust Jesus that He has a plan for when we are supposed to travel. We aren’t giving up by any means – we just can’t emotionally live week-to-week any longer. We have been told “prepare to travel” since April and we are exhausted from this roller coaster.

Many have asked why we don’t just travel over and begin to care for her now, but unfortunately, legally we wouldn’t be able to. I suppose this is what faith looks like – trusting even when you can’t see.

We are going on 4 years for this adoption. We have seen the beauty and the corruption. We have laughed and we have cried. Lately, more tears then laughter…

BUT – this is our daughter and we will do what it takes. No matter how long it takes, how much money it costs, and how much we have to sacrifice, we will stay in the fight.

We still give God praise because He is good and faithful, and even though this is painful, we trust Him.

Thanks for your love for us through this.

Jeremy & Kathleen Willet


2 thoughts on “Ethiopia Adoption Update: Staying in the fight

  1. Sad for you, your little girl and all families and children waiting. God is faithful, God is good. God is love. Through it all. Fight the good fight – the battle is already won friends, the battle is already won. Hopeful in HIm with you~

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