2.26.15 “Immediately” : Our sudden move to Florida & The Miracles of Jesus by The Adventure Bible

Cookies are baking in the oven, Evans is playing his drums, Jeremy is at his new ministry office, and there is just about three boxes left to organize. We can’t believe it has just been over a week since we moved to The Center for Global Outreach in Fort Myers, Florida! We wanted to say thank you to everyone who walked with us on this very quick and God-ordained journey. To everyone who helped us pack, unpack, and those who prayed and supported us as we moved in a week; THANK YOU!

Many of you prayed with us this past year as we sought the Lord on direction and prayed earnestly for open doors through the transitions God has us on. Some people have said this move was too sudden, not thought-out and reckless, but go read the Gospels, and notice how many times the word “immediately” shows up in your text (Matthew 4:20, Matthew 20:34, Mark 9:24, Acts 9:20, Luke 5:13, etc). When God calls, not responding is disobedience. Speaking of the Gospels, we’ve been reading a Children’s book at night called “The Miracles of Jesus” from The NIV Adventure Bible. Our son, Evans (2 1/2 years old), absolutely loved the full page, full color artwork along with the simple stories of Jesus’ miracles. The biggest take-away for us as a family was how the book reminded us that “Jesus performed many miracles that are in the Bible…but the only two miracles that are in all four Gospels are: The feeding of the 5,000 and Jesus’ resurrection.” 


We have only been here a little over a week and have fallen in love with the people of this community and the area. We believe that Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection are the foundation of our faith, but with that good news, we then must look to the tangible ways in which we can live out the Gospel. Feeding the hungry is one of many ways that Christ gives us to worship Him, so please pray for our family as we continue to strive towards Willet’s 1 Million Meal Goal, while also having eyes open to local poor around us. We would definitely recommend this book for any parents with little ones attempting to teach the life of Jesus to their kids at an early age.

We are so excited to see God continuing to open doors for us to serve locally and abroad. Jeremy looks forward to sharing more of what God has been and is doing through our ministry at our update on March 15th in Westminster, MD. We are praying and believing that Evans and I will be in Ethiopia with our daughter during that time. Please continue praying for our adoption process as we are still waiting on our MOWCYA letter to be written so we can receive our long-awaited court date that will unite us as a family of four.

Below are a few photos of our journey to Fort Myers, FL. Enjoy!

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For the least of these,

Jeremy & Kat Willet

*I (Jeremy) received a free copy of “Miracles of Jesus” from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for an honest review of the book, and I do not receive any compensation from you reading this review or pre-orders/purchases of the book in any way. In my role as Worship and Community Transformation Coordinator for New Mission Systems International, I attempt to keep my eye out for new resources, books and publications in regards to justice, missions, and poverty.


One thought on “2.26.15 “Immediately” : Our sudden move to Florida & The Miracles of Jesus by The Adventure Bible

  1. Hello there!!!!! So grateful for the update! Indeed there are many references in God’s word about going when He says go! I am reminded of when Jesus said to not go home and settle your affairs and leave! Join me in prayer as well and I know you will! We have been presented an opportunity for a prime location on Taneytown for The Hope Chest (name of the shop) and we need to move quickly! God never said that after the wait, you will be able to take your own time, manage your own schedule and develop your own plans! Hugs from Maryland!!!!! 🙂 Love you guys!

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