Today we are so excited to be with our daughter celebrating her second birthday. 

This day represents much sadness and joy for our sweet, Yodit. 


Sadness in that today is the day that her biological mother, for reasons unknown, abandoned her on the streets of Ethiopia. 

Joy because God didn’t let her story end there. 

God brought a young girl named Tigist to our baby who showed her mercy and compassion by bringing her to an orphanage. Now our little Yodit is alive, healthy and through the process of adoption, she has a place to belong.


I can’t get over how much our little Yodit’s journey reminds me constantly of our journey with God. Our sin left us abandoned but amazingly, through the process of God’s adoption of us, we belong! So today, in celebration of our daughter, I ask everyone to grasp that concept. No matter where you are in life, no matter what sin you have come from or are in, you BELONG! 

For the least of these,

Kat Willet


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