Jeremy and Kathleen Willet are followers of Jesus and adoptive parents to their son & daughter from Africa. Since 2006, Jeremy and Kathleen have traveled the world leading worship and serving as advocates of community development, poverty alleviation, justice initiatives, child sponsorship, human trafficking prevention, and orphan care. The Willet’s live in Westminster, MD and Jeremy works in Franklin, TN as a spokesperson and artist program consultant for ChildFund International, World Vision, Food for the Hungry, Feed The Children and Show Hope.



2017- Current

Built in 1874, The Willet Family Farm has served as home for several generations of the Willet Family. Once known as “Sunnyside Farm”, “Willet View” and the location for the “Barnstorm Festival”, the farm was instantly recognizable by its large red barn, squeaky windmill, and daffodil fields. Everyone was always welcome on the property, and the thousands of guests that did visit left knowing the land as “sacred ground”.

The Willet Farm survived many hardships including The Great Depression, the 1999 tornado that destroyed the barn, and cancer that claimed the life of family members too early. In 2006, The farm had to be sold outside of the family, but in an effort to honor past generations and preserve the heritage of what the farm stood for (Faith, Family and Hard Work), the farm was purchased in 2017 by Jeremy Willet (Grandson of Robert Willet who grew up on the farm) & his wife, Kathleen Willet, placing it back into the Willet Family.

The 13 acre farm is perfectly located in the middle of Sonshine Acres; over 50 acres of farmland owned now by Jeremy’s parents, and adjacent to farmland owned by cousins Jesse & Josh Willet.

Jeremy & Kathleen plan to use the 13 acre farm as a peaceful homestead for their family, an organic garden, orchard, pasture for small livestock, land preservation, hay, and eventually an event center to benefit the local community while raising awareness of global issues affecting orphan and vulnerable children.



The preliminary phase of our ministry involved 10 years of establishing a network of Churches and individuals around the United States to lay the groundwork for missions with Willet. The band provided an opportunity for the Church to worship God by way of music and missions through worship- concerts, meal packing events, short-term mission trips, child sponsorship, advocacy tools, and lifestyle education. In addition, it provided a platform for individuals and Churches to support full-time missionaries through tax-deductible donations to the ministry.

During this season, God gave our family the opportunity to live out the “great commission” through worship-leading opportunities, short- term trips, disaster relief, and community development mid-term initiatives in the following locations:

• HAITI (2009-2010, 2013)
-Jeremy visited Port-au-Prince & Ti Riviere on an evangelism trip with Willet (2009)
-Kathleen served at an orphanage in Ti Riviere pre-earthquake (2009) and during the earthquake (2010) before re-locating to Port- au-Prince to serve as a community development facilitator with Food for the Hungry
-Jeremy led earthquake relief teams in & out of Haiti throughout all of 2010
– In 2013, Jeremy returned to Haiti to organize a school feeding program initiative in Cap Haitien with Stop Hunger Now

• MOZAMBIQUE (2010 & 2011)
– Jeremy led a vision trip to Gorongosa with Willet as part of a community development project with Food for the Hungry for over 9,000 children living in extreme poverty (2010)
– Kathleen & Jeremy both returned to Mozambique with an evaluation team (2011)

• UGANDA (2011)
– Kathleen served as a missionary in Jinja working with a women’s rehabilitation & income-generating program following the LRA conflict – Jeremy & Kathleen traveled to Gulu, Uganda at the start of the East Africa Famine which initiated a Willet Missions response of 100,000 meals to East Africa and eventually led to the vision for the 1 Million Meal Goal.

• ETHIOPIA (2007 & 2009)
— Jeremy led a vision trip to Zeway with Willet as part of a community development project with Food for the Hungry for over 1,000 aids- orphans (2007)
– Kathleen & Jeremy both returned to Ethiopia with an evaluation team (2009)

-While Kathleen served in Haiti following the earthquake, she received training in the Dominican Republic and served on the Haiti/DR border with Food for the Hungry.

• BAHAMAS (2010)

-Jeremy traveled with Willet as part of “Cruise-with-a-cause” evangelism trip to Nassau, Bahamas to lead worship and share the Gospel.

• JAMAICA (2011)

-Jeremy & Kathleen traveled with Willet on“Cruise-with-a-cause” to Montego Bay, Jamaica to lead worship and share the Gospel.

• NEW ZEALAND (2010)
– Jeremy traveled with Willet to lead worship & share the Gospel as part of a 25-day evangelism tour throughout New Zealand, including a performance at Parachute Festival with Hillsong United & Switchfoot.

– Jeremy traveled with Willet to lead worship & share the Gospel as part of a 10-day evangelism tour in London during the 2012 Summer Olympics.

• NICARAGUA (2013)
– Jeremy traveled with Willet as part of a vision trip with Stop Hunger Now to visit the school feeding programs funded through the meal packing program and to lead worship.

• GHANA (2013)
– Kathleen served at Beacon House Orphanage during the adoption process of our son, Evans, while Jeremy traveled back & forth in between events with Willet Missions.

• THAILAND (2014)
– Jeremy traveled with Willet Band & Ends of the Earth Cycling as part of a human-trafficking prevention initiative and to lead Worship Leader Seminars for women that had been rescued from the sex-trafficking industry. Jeremy was involved in raising advocacy and funds for this mission effort through a solo acoustic worship tour and 300-mile bike rides in Florida and Ohio.

• INDIA (2014)
– Jeremy traveled with Willet Band & Ends of the Earth Cycling on a vision trip for an upcoming Cycling initiative in 2015 to raise awareness and funds for global youth ministry. Jeremy led worship and shared the gospel in rural villages and schools, while also learning how to play cricket.

• KENYA (2015)
– Jeremy traveled with ChildFund International to produce a short-film about young girls growing up in extreme poverty in the Rift Valley of Africa. This film was then used on the K-Love Bible Tour in the Spring of 2015 to help see 2700 children sponsored from Kenya!

– Jeremy traveled with Ends of the Earth Cycling on a vision trip for an upcoming Cycling initiative in 2015 to raise awareness and funds for global youth ministry. Jeremy led worship and shared the gospel in rural villages.

• NICARAGUA (2015)
– Jeremy traveled with Feed the Children to experience the work of this organization, meet our sponsored child, and hear stories to help assist with upcoming Christian Music Tours.

• USA (2006-2015)

– Jeremy traveled nationwide with Willet leading worship at over 200 churches each year to share the Gospel and advocate for child sponsorship to support the community development projects through Willet Missions & Food for the Hungry. Over the past 8 years, the band acquired over 2,500 sponsors for children living in poverty!

– In between overseas assignments, Kathleen traveled with the band to assist with child sponsorship & merchandise sales, meal packing events, & advocacy campaigns. In addition, she has handled the finance and donor-relations responsibilities for the organization.

– As a family, Jeremy & Kathleen also served locally at cold weather shelters, homeless soup kitchens and leading worship at the local prison.

– Jeremy accepted a position as an Artist Relations Event Manager at Feed the Children in Franklin, TN, working with artists such as Jesus Culture, Building 429, and many more influential artists in the Christian Music Industry to help develop their voice for children living in poverty.

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  3. I am pastor B ahandagana of R edeemed church kakoba in uganda an d project D irector of H olistic rehabilitation and skills development centre whose mission is to help orphans and vulnerable persons . W e are inviting you to extend yur ministry to our church in mbarara D istrict the western part of uganda. W e shall be greatfull. T hank you.

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